Flowers will be making a return to the city centre this week thanks to a project led by Peterborough Positive.

The company managing the city’s Business Improvement District, Peterborough Positive, has partnered with St John’s Church, HMP Peterborough, West Town Primary Academy, Marshfields School and Peterborough City Council to re-introduce planters in the city centre with ‘Flower Power’ displays for Cathedral Square and its adjoining spaces.

For years, flower troughs added a vibrant pop of colour around the city centre’s outside spaces, which both members of the public and local businesses have missed since their removal in 2020. But Flower Power, the initiative led by Peterborough Positive, aims to bring back beauty to these areas and create a colourful space to eat, drink and shop once again.

In January, workers at HMP Peterborough began the construction of 14 planters made from wooden pallets, while children at West Town Primary Academy created designs for the prison workers to apply with paint.

Flowers for the first planter were potted by children from Marshfields School, who enjoyed getting green-fingered with a vast range of blooms provided by Tamar Nurseries and Rachael’s Plant Outlet.


Pep Cipriano, BID Manager at Peterborough Positive, said: “When the city council announced last year that city centre flower planting would no longer continue because of budget challenges, I immediately started to think about what we could do to bring them back.

“St John’s Church has always had a strong community ethos and when Revd Michelle Dalliston and I began to talk about how we might brighten up our city and draw in other partners, whilst providing additionality, the project took off. The enthusiasm shown by the church, the prison, our schools and the support from our local authority has been superb and it just goes to show what can be achieved when there’s a strong will in the room.”

"It just goes to show what can be achievedwhen there’s a strong will in the room"

- Pep Cipriano, BID Manager

Michelle Dalliston, Vicar of St John’s Church, added: “This has been such an exciting project to work on together and it’s been fantastic to involve so many different people and groups in something wonderful to improve our city centre for everyone!”

Ian Whiteside, Director of HMP Peterborough, said: “We are delighted to be involved in this project to bring floral displays back to the city centre. Supporting our local community is an important part of our social value commitment and gives the prisoners involved a sense of making a positive contribution through their work.”