Disc is the online information-sharing system that helps local businesses to fill the ‘policing gap’ by managing local low-level business crime themselves, identifying prolific offenders and helping local police pursue them through the criminal justice system.

The primary goal of Disc is to reduce and prevent crime, protect businesses, and enhance overall safety for business owners, their customers and the general public.



Participating businesses are connected through a secure digital platform. They can exchange vital information related to criminal activities, suspicious incidents, and potential threats.

When a business encounters any suspicious activity or experiences a crime, they can report it immediately through Disc. This information is rapidly shared with other businesses within the network in the form of image galleries, enabling them to be vigilant and take appropriate precautions.


1: Enhanced Security

By collaborating and data sharing with other businesses, companies can better protect their premises, stock and staff from criminal activities such as shoplifting, vandalism and theft.

2: Real-Time Alerts

Disc facilitates instant alerts and notifications, along with weekly round-up newsletters, enabling businesses to respond promptly to potential threats. This rapid communication can prevent crimes before they escalate.

3: Crime Deterrence

Criminals are less likely to target businesses that are part of a robust and well-connected security network like Disc, reducing the overall crime rate in the area.

4: Data-Driven Decision Making

The shared information within the platform allows businesses to analyse crime trends and patterns, helping them make informed decisions about security measures.

5: Remain informed

Access useful reference documents 24/7, and keep informed about upcoming events such as face-to-face meetings with other Disc users, police presentations, or events that may generate additional footfall.


If you don’t already use Disc, contact Steve Harknett on steve@peterboroughpositive.co.uk and we’ll add you to the system.  You’ll receive a ‘welcome email’:  just click through from the link in the email and follow the on-screen instructions.  It’s a quick and simple process. 

Once you’re through to Disc, you’ll be able to access the information within it wherever and whenever you need it, either on the Disc desktop or the Disc app which can be downloaded to your smartphone from the AppStore or Google Play Store (search for ‘Disc app’). 


Alongside the Disc crime reporting app, many businesses enter into an annual radio scheme, City Link, which provides another way to report crime. City Link is patched into the city centre’s CCTV head office, giving an additional layer of security.

For details on how to join, email peterboroughcitylink@outlook.com